Plainfield East Boys Tennis 2020

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Total Goal: $7,000

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Plainfield East Boys Tennis 2020

Please help us reach our goal! We are having a fundraiser for the 1st time in several years. Each player can expect to fundraise twice total if they are a 4 year tennis player. We are not selling items such as candy or popcorn. Instead, we will be raising money through a program similar to a GoFundMe. The association we are using is and we are able to keep a much high percentage of the earnings than if we sold items like candy. I have personally seen success with this program with baseball, softball, bowling and golf. Items we can get with fundraising include the end of the season banquet, tennis equipment, supplements to uniform purchases, senior night party/gifts, court maintenance items, scorecard enhancements, and many other things that go into having a solid program. Thank you so much for your support of Bengal Tennis

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