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Legacies Dance Team


Project Graduaiton

2017 Project Graduation


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2018 Viper Football



Vandegrift High School FFA


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If you are a team organizer, coach, or director, just fill out a simple online form to get started.

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There is no app to install! You can add team members, view progress, make edits, etc... all in your mobile browser or from your computer.

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As an organizer, you can easly add team members just by emailing them the unique URL for your campaign. We handle all the rest.


All payments are processed through PayPal so your donors have the peace of mind that your campaign is legitimate, and their contributions are secure.

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Donations go to you!

With most fundraisers, your team gets less than half of the money your donors are willing to give. The rest goes to pay for the candy, wrapping paper, candles, and any number of other things your donors don't really want or need, as well as a healthy profit for all those companies in the middle. With, you keep 95% of the donations (minus PayPal's processing fee).

Still not convinced? try both!

If you still aren't sure whether this is something you want to do, why not try both? Continue to raise funds by selling the products you have in the past - but ALSO give your team members and donors the option of direct donations with See which one they prefer... and which is more profitable! Then you decide what works best for your organization.

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